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 Portaball 8 inch f/5.5


  • Designed to deliver superb visual performance
  • Compact, lightweight, and highly transportable
  • Quick setup and knock down
  • 32 pounds total instrument weight
  • Primary mirror by Zambuto Optical
  • Unique sphere mount allows easy tracking

Design Objectives
  • Easy assembly
  • Intuitive to use
  • No compromises in materials or workmanship
  • Premium optical quality


Our goals required a critical look at all of the designs available - even those that were not easy or inexpensive to produce. Our concept of a spherically housed telescope combined with new materials and better construction techniques has resulted in an instrument that is easy to set up, easy to move, and a pure joy to use.



 Sphere size & composition  15.5" Diameter Seamless Fiberglass
 Upper tube assembly construction  9.5 inch O.D. Laminate composite
 Trusses  5/8 O.D. anodized aluminum
 Base New and Improved  CNC machined and anodized aluminum billet
 Optics manufacturer  Zambuto Optical Co.
 Aperture  8 inches
 Focal Ratio  F/5.5
 Primary mirror thickness  0.95 inches (1:9)
 Secondary size (minor axis)  1.52 inches
 Secondary obstruction (diameter)  20%
 Maximum Recommended eyepiece weight  Up to 20 oz. including adapter weight
 Size and type of focuser  2.00" Mag 1 CNC machined Aluminum Helical-Crayford
 Finder  Quik Finder by Rigel Systems, Standard
 Eyepiece height at zenith  48 inches
 Weight of components
 Sphere  24 pounds
 Upper Tube Assembly  1.5 pounds
 Base  2 pounds
 Trusses  2 pounds
 Total telescope weight  32 pounds