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 Portaball 12.5 inch f/5

The 12.5-inch PortaBall, like the smaller 8-inch model, delivers outstanding visual performance while still being a highly transportable scope featuring quick setup and knock down.  The same process has been applied in design and re-engineering, with the following features:

  • An anodized aluminum support base
  • Innovative truss attachment system that allows for faster assembly and dis-assembly
  • Improved reliability with our new battery box and wiring system
  • Custom molded top and new truss attach points provide a cleaner look while reducing weight at the top end
  • Our new secondary cell incorporates an intuitive collimation system that helps you maintain optimum collimation at all times

Whether first-time user or seasoned observer, you'll appreciate our attention to detail and ease of use: hallmarks of all PortaBall models.


 Sphere size & composition  22 inch Diameter Seamless Fiberglass
 Upper tube assembly construction  14.25 inch O.D. Laminate composite
 Trusses  3/4 inch O.D. anodized aluminum
 Base New and Improved  CNC machined and anodized aluminum billet
 Optics manufacturer  Zambuto Optical Co.
 Aperture  12.5 inches
 Focal Ratio  f/5
 Primary mirror thickness  1.625 inches (1:9)
 Secondary size (minor axis)  2.14 inches
 Secondary obstruction (diameter)  17%
 Size and type of focuser  2 inch Starlight Instruments
 Finder  Quik Finder by Rigel Systems
 Eyepiece height at zenith  Custom fit to your eye height, 62 inches min.
 Weight of heaviest component
 ~ 50 pounds
 Total telescope weight  ~ 65 pounds