I GET GOOSE BUMPS EVERY TIME I LOOK INTO THE EYEPIECE!  Its so exciting to use this telescope - every time it feels like I am flying.  Somehow the movement of the PortaBall releases me from an earthbound state of mind and allows me the sensation of being right there amoung the stars.  I love this telescope!  I have several 'scopes, and give star parties for a living, so I think I know what I am talking about.  The PortaBall the star of our last Polomar star party... it was easily the favorite scope on the field.  Next week two or three thousand people will get to look through it - there the lucky folks.

-Sheryl Johnson, Planetarium Lecturer; CA

Since I got my PortaBall, I've only used my previous telescope (an 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain) once - and that was to observe the sun!  Once I started observing with it, I fell in love!  I find I can now easily locate objects I've never seen before.  Once the Telrad gets me in the area, its easy to move in circles to locate things.  And with the built in lights, collimation is a snap even in the dark.

-Wanda Berner, Heating Contractor; WI

As a teaching astronomer, I have plenty of chances to use my PortaBall with the public, and its easily a croud favorite because it is "ageless." It can be easily manipulated by even the youngest to let them see what "that star over there" looks like.  The fact that the telescope gets out of the way, and is so easy to transport makes it ideal for my own personal use as well as in my professional lectures for the public.

-Mark Bridges, Astronomer; TX

After being frustrated by more than one eight inch Schmidt-Cassegrain Scope, more recently, wrestling with a high quality 20" telescope, I finally found my dream telescope - a PortaBall.  I now have a scope that performs outstandingly on the moon, planets, globular clusters, double stars and nebula, and quite decently on the fainter objects like galaxies.  My PortaBall truly can be setup and taken down in only five minutes, and you do not have to purchase a new vehicle just because you've taken up astronomy - if you buy a PortaBall.  You can easily store it in the house since the entire telescope fits in an area about the size of a two droor file cabinet.  With a PortaBall, you'll know that you'll have the finest views that can be obtained with a 12.5" reflector.  In short, buying a PortaBall is like getting a Rolex at a Seiko price.  In a McDonalds world, there is still a place for a chef-dioeuvre like Peter SMitka at Mag 1.

Gene Townsend, Retired USAF; TX

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