That first night...NEVER had I successfully found so many objects in a telescope before.  And finding objects near the zenith was EXACTLY at eye level.  Could this be true?  I was in heaven... The MAXIMUM Aperature on a telescope that didn't require a ladder, and I didn't have to wrestle with it!  You need to put a warning sign up to people at star parties, that even a casual trail of the scope will likely lead to unsightly bulges being removed from their pocket books!

-Tom Schultz, Software Developer; IL

All in all, the PortaBall is just one teriffic peice of high quality, thoroughly designed equipment - one which I would not hesitate to reccomend to anyone interested in a high performance viewing machine.

-Tom Muench, Commercial Artist; WI

The Telescope has been simply wonderful to use, it is without a doubt the most efficient design for a small telescope, and its beautifully engineered.  It has been the subject of much interest and admiration amoung our local amateur astronomers.  As an engineer, I particularly appreciate the simplicity of collimation... and expert finish.

-Peter Docker, Professional Engineer; Australia

In the words of a friend, "This telescope is a keeper!" ...The mirror size is an excellent compromise between good light gathering ability and portability.  Dobsonian telescopes are often difficult at high power because of the need to move the scope in two directions simultaneously.  The PortaBall doesn't have that problem.  I've gotten exquisite views of Jupiter...even at 250X I had no difficulty moving the scope to keep the planet centered.

-Mike Frasca, Physician; IL

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