Our Manufacturing Process

MAG1 Instruments FacilitiesOur 5000 square foot manufacturing facility allows us to develop and build the most innovative and user friendly scope on the market.  Most Portaball components are manufactured in house, assuring you of a top quality product delivered in a timely manner.   We use Solidworks CAD to model and test our new designs and their components.  The solid models are then brought into Gibbs CAM where programs are created to allow state of the art CNC machines to make any parts and tooling needed to manufacture our designs.  This includes cutting our own injection molds and molding custom plastic components like our new branded truss knobs that hold the MAG1 logo on their face.

MAG1 Instruments is making a long-term investment and commitment in supporting existing customers as well as those we have yet to serve.  We started accepting orders for the 8" f/5.5 in June of 2008, and the 12.5" f/5.0 in July, and the 18" f4/5 this fall.  Compare Portaball's ease of use and clean design to other scopes on the market.  We think you'll agree that buying a Portaball is an investment in your observing future, one that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.



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